A former brewery which was converted to a stud farm in the early 20th century, the “Manoir du Capitaine” is now a magnificently-restored hotel with thirty inspiring rooms and suites.

From the mid 17th century onwards, the Feluy region built its reputation on its powerful and successful stone quarry industry. By the 18th-century, Feluy was home to thirteen working quarries. Feluy stone was highly sought-after and it was exported far beyond the Belgian borders.
In addition to the elemental charms of its native stone, Feluy also offers a wealth of beautiful countryside walks amidst its abundant flowing waterways and revitalising springs.
Perfectly situated in a stunning landscape within easy reach of Belgium's main road networks (E19 and E42) the “Manoir du Capitaine” offers a harmonious combination of comfort, peace and luxury.

It is an ideal venue for all manner of events, from business conferences to family parties, corporate events to relaxing getaways.
You cannot fail to be seduced by the unique period charm of the Manoir du Capitaine’s impressive array of bedrooms and lounge areas.
With its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the “Manoir du Captaine” is a perfect retreat for calm and contemplation.
Its stately elegance has, over the years, drawn an appreciative and discerning international clientele.
Manoir du Capitaine  -  Chemin de Boulouffe 1  -  7181 Feluy  -  Belgium  -  T: +32 67 87 45 40  -  F: +32 67 87 45 50  -  VAT: BE 0836.000.933  -